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Here’s where I wonder where I am

Written by: | Published: February 09, 2011 | Updated: April 27, 2015

When someone asks me “how do you do it all” I always stop and take inventory on what exactly “all” is that I am seen doing. Then I wonder, is that the best direction, method, technique, etc. Am I really where I need to be and if so, am I really doing it the way I think I need to do it. Ponderable indeed. Usually what happens is I debate with myself then rationalize why or why not and continue on my way. Lately, however, I am stopping to really take note and focus. I’m starting to recognize and define what I want so now the challenge is figuring out not how to do it, but how to not get distracted from it.

you are here - defining goals

I recently attended the Craft and Hobby Association trade show to exhibit my art for the first time ever. It was exciting and overwhelming and absolutely wonderful all at once! However, I found myself listening to what some art directors were looking for, knowing it wasn’t in my portfolio just then, but knowing I could produce the content if they asked… then reminding myself, I don’t need to be all things to all people. Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I need to.

I have the hardest time saying NO. I’m quickly learning more and more that I need to say no. Otherwise I spend all my time doing things for others and ignoring or blowing off my own things. In the end I have a reputation of being very helpful which is great, but how does that help my legacy I am trying to build?

I have an answer for that.

If we can balance what others see in us with what we want to be able to become ourselves, I believe the two mesh into one great being. There is no bad side effect to being considered a go-to-girl that is willing to help with a smile. Being able to steer that reputation into the kind of work I really want to do is the challenge, but the reward will be fantastic. If you can harness the positives that others see and integrate it into what you want to do and be known for, its a happy relationship all around.

So here’s the real question of the day.

I am truly all over the place. I write and create in so many different directions, and I love them all. However, as time goes on, I find myself sharing that experience through other’s venues rather than my own. Is that the way it should be? Or, should I be cultivating my own following for the various topics I am involved in?


I write about my art and design projects on my own blog – but I also share ideas on 3 other sites. Do I share exclusive to each, post on my own first and link or a combination?

Other topics I don’t share on my own blog or sites at all, but receive credit on other’s sites (pay or not). Should I be owning this content myself or sharing with others? What’s the best route, benefits and considerations to take… and why?

So all in all, I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I know I can’t keep up this momentum forever, so where is it I want to direct myself and where is it I am going?

Once I get that figured out, I think it’s on to the “learn how to say No Thank You with purpose and content” lesson for everyone.

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1 thought on “Here’s where I wonder where I am”

  1. Jen,

    This is a great post for those of us who sometimes feel spread a bit too thin and the graphic is absolutely PERFECT! Thanks for sharing so we know we’re not alone…



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