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Fun Ways to say Happy Birthday

Written by: | Published: April 23, 2016 | Updated: April 22, 2016

All week long we are celebrating birthdays and fun ways to say Happy Birthday. Every day is someone’s birthday somewhere so there’s always reason to celebrate. Whether you love cake or spending times with friends and family or maybe you love the decorating fun of a birthday… there’s always something fun to do to celebrate a birthday. Every birthday is unique and there’s just as many ideas to make the celebration unique too.

Fun Ways to Say Happy Birthday
Fun Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Fun ways to say Happy Birthday

You can go classic and send a card or give a gift. Or, you can get a little creative and send birthday wishes in a whole bunch of different ways. Whatever you do, have fun with your birthday wishing and make sure to add a little extra love to the message!

  1. Send a card
  2. Send a gift
  3. Sing a song
  4. Write a birthday poem
  5. Draw a picture
  6. Make a cake, cupcake, pie or giant donut
  7. Send flowers
  8. Take your birthday person out for dinner, breakfast, lunch or even an afternoon snack.
  9. Make a collage or favorite photos
  10. Write a message on their car windows (with window crayons of course)
  11. Put stickie notes up all over the house
  12. Give a big bouquet of balloons
  13. Make a birthday happy face pancake
  14. Make a giant sign and attach it to the garage door
  15. Sculpt Happy Birthday out of clay
  16. Write a message on a drive way with sidewalk chalk
  17. hang a sign on the front door
  18. Write a message on the bathroom mirror
  19. Create a scavenger hunt with all kind of little Happy Birthday messages
  20. Put a birthday note in the lunch bag
  21. Send a text message… or 25
  22. Call and sing Happy Birthday
  23. Leave a Happy Birthday voice mail
  24. Make a birthday banner
  25. Leave fun notes in the refrigerator
  26. Mail a card or a post card or a big package
  27. Make a giant cookie
  28. Put together a gift basket
  29. Set up a whole picnic celebration
  30. Make breakfast in bed
  31. Fill the car with balloons (don’t do this is someone is usually late already)
  32. Decorate the front lawn
  33. Throw a surprise party
  34. Bring lunch
  35. Fill a box with little notes
  36. Make a charm bracelet
  37. Get a card and have all the friends sign it
  38. Make a birthday t-shirt
  39. Post a message on social media
  40. Take a selfie or video of yourself and send the message (Snapchat works too)
  41. Make a mini book filled with birthday messages
  42. Spell out Happy Birthday with rocks in the yard
  43. Using those rocks in the yard, tie balloon strings to each rock to make a field of balloons
  44. Hire an airplane sign guy
  45. Write a message on the beach (take a picture and save it too)

What fun ideas of ways to say Happy Birthday do you have? I’d love to hear your favorites. Leave a comment below and let us all know what you like to do to celebrate birthdays!

For more birthday ideas check out the Big Birthday Roundup and Best Birthday Ideas.

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