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Football Pool Printable – Who Will Win the Big Game?

We are a football watching family. Seeing the Broncos make it to the Big Game is a pile of Big Excitement around here. We aren't a gambling family… but a little fun for the game is always a must. So, today I am sharing a football pool printable you can use at your own football party. I've created this printable in a black and white format so you can color it to match whatever teams you are are playing or for your favorite football team. Because we are big Denver fans, I'm going for blue and orange. But if you must, you can go for blue and green… or whatever you like.

Printable Football Pool
Printable Football Pool

The printable comes with a blank for each team name so you can use this football pool grid any time you want. Customize the football printable by printing on colored paper, coloring the page however you like, adding stickers or using colored markers to write in the teams of the game. Have fun with it!

There are a few different ways to run a football pool. In this case, with this printable grid, here's the basic idea…

Each participant in the pool takes a guess at what the final score of the game is going to be. Then you take the LAST number of each team's score and find it on the grid. Located where the numbers intersect on the grid and place your initials in that square. Continue until all the pool participants have selected their squares. You can play this game for money by putting a dollar value on each square or just play for fun… whatever you like.

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What plans do you have for the Big Game?


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