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Dream Big mini art print printable

Here's a little inspiration to start off your week. Dream BIG… then make it happen! I've been talking to my oldest son a ton about setting goals and then working to reach those goals. Defining a goal is really a little tricky, so thinking more in terms of dreams, wishes and “I'd really like it ifs” sometimes helps. I really do believe we can get to where we want to go, but first we have to dream of where we want to go.

Dream Big mini art print by Jen Goode
Dream Big mini art print by Jen Goode

So… here's a little reminder you can print out and tack up next to your desk to help you stay on track. Print it out on colored paper or decorate it however you like. Cut it to size, layer it on other paper, or pin it up as is. I'd love to see how you pretty it up – tell me about it! (you can pop over to the 100 Directions Facebook page and share a photo if you like)

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Now go make something fabulous happen today!


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