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10 Ways to Finding Your Creative Success

Creative professionals are always looking for ways to get the word out about what they do, what they've created and what they have to offer. I could write list after list of ideas of things we can all do to help spread the word, but the truth is, it takes time, dedication and some serious belief in ourselves to really succeed. Before you stop reading right there because you really wanted a “10 places to promote your creativity talents” list, you'll get one but not yet. I want you to take a step back and make sure you are ready for the to-do list. I want you to take inventory of where you are with your goals and self promotion plan and THEN tackle that list of creative promotion to do items. So here are some ideas to get you moving so that you are ready to get on tract with your task list.

Lets get started –

Finding your creative success - designed by Jen Goode
Finding your creative success – designed by Jen Goode

10 ways to your creative success

1. Believe you can – Put yourself in the frame of mind to succeed. It doesn't matter if you really think you can, you have to let everyone else know you think you can. Remember, “faking it” is not only ok, it's expected. Having a blind faith in ourselves is one of the secret keys to making things happen.

2. Plan how you will succeed – Before you grab your ideas and start throwing them on the wall to see what sticks, you do need to have an idea of some goals and a plan to reach those goals. If you came here looking for that task list, don't fret, I will give you a list. But not right now… keep reading.

3. Check your branding – make sure your branding is in order and you have a cohesive presence across all your different “marketing channels”. Its hard enough promoting ourselves, but trying to promote fragments and mixed messages is really a confusing mess to your potential audience. Tidy up before you invite people to join you on your exciting journey.

4. Practice your follow through – If you have business goals, you need to follow through on the steps required to reach those goals. This sounds simple and straight forward, but it's really much easier to fall back on old habits, react only to things that work and ignore the tasks we don't love. If you can't follow through on the regular business tasks, promoting yourself and work on a regular basis, without immediate results can easily turn into a task you don't do either.

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Jen is Passionate about Creativity. She is the owner and "doodle in charge" of JGoode Designs, a Denver based design studio. She is an illustrator, mixed media artist and creative lifestyle blogger. Jen has been a creative professional since 1998 but says she's been an artist since she was old enough to eat glue.

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  1. Thank you- I have a cluttered mess and a bunch of ideas, half finished things and a creative wandering mind. You have helped me so much!


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