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Display an image according to the month name using javascript

Having content that changes dynamically (on it's own according to some criteria) is a great way to add some extra interest and diversity to your site without the added time to maintain. Scripts can automatically change various aspects of your site without you doing a thing once the script is installed.This script will display an image depending on what month it is, and will automatically update the image as soon as the month changes.

To use:
Upload GIF images named each month, January.gif, February.gif, etc.

Change the following url in the code below to the location you uploaded all your images:

Add the following code to the header of your page or site template for your site.
This code also works for Cafepress. Simply include this code either in your custom html layout header area OR, I have it in my “store description” area of my premium shop.


var d=new Date()

var month=new Array(12)

document.write(“<img src=” + month[d.getMonth()] + “.gif border=0>”)

<!– END CODE –>

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