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Dear Santa Christmas Art Print and DIY Decor

Tis the season of DIY decorating and with all the glitter of the Christmas season. Quick crafts are even more fun, who has time to really create anything for more than 5 minutes? You're going to have to give up about 15 minutes here, but I think some printable Christmas decor is in order… add your own glitter! (You can cut out 5 minutes of creative time if you don't glitter anything, bonus!) So, as part of the Craft Lightening fun today with Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts, I have a Dear Santa art print to share with you. You can use this printable art to create an a framed wall decor, or leave it by the cookies Christmas Eve. Add your own glitter or other embellishments and turn it into something that is uniquely your own.

The letter to Santa reads:

Dear Santa,

I have been (mostly) Good

And I made you cookies


Dear Santa art print by Jen Goode
Dear Santa art print by Jen Goode


I think it's a good idea to always point out the positives… cookies always = positive.

Glitter, another positive.

I am loving the black, white and red decor look this holiday season. I'm sure not changing my entire collection of Christmas decorations, so adding a couple new black and red accents will have to do. What color scheme do you like to decorate with?


Add glitter to make your own sparkly art print
Add glitter to make your own sparkly art print


Add a Dear Santa art print to your holiday decor
Add a Dear Santa art print to your holiday decor


Dear Santa Art Print - a free printable designed by Jen Goode
Dear Santa Art Print – a free printable designed by Jen Goode

Download this Christmas printable

This art print is designed to frame at 8×10 size and also features 3 little Scandinavian style holiday icon circles… 2 Christmas trees and a heart with a mini tree. Add your own glitter by using Mod Podge around the outer circles of each icon.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Santa Christmas Art Print and DIY Decor”

  1. OMG I love this soooooooo much! in fact I love everything you do, and even though I currently reside in the Caribbean I’ve always been an american girl at heart (even my friends say I sound like one) My family is mostly American so we celebrate a lot of the the traditional things like Haloween and Thanksgiving so your DIY’s and templates and recipies are even more special!
    Thank You sooooooo much! I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but thank’s anyway! 😉

    • Thank you so much for the fantastic note Samantha! I really appreciate you stopping by and saying hi. I was just in Turks and Caicos last month, what part of the Caribbean do you live?


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