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Coloring Page Valentines- Quick Valentine’s Craft

Let's make some coloring page Valentines today. Have you been jumping in on this coloring craze lately? Everywhere I go there are coloring books and coloring pages and all kinds of people talking about coloring. Since this week I am talking about quick Valentine's day crafts and ideas, I thought I'd combine it with a little coloring too. Why not take one of those coloring pages and turn it into a Valentine for your sweetie? Today happens to be Penguin Awareness Day also, so for my quick coloring page Valentine, I'm going to use a penguin coloring page. Bam- double whammy fun right there!

Penguin coloring page Valentine by Jen Goode
Penguin coloring page Valentine by Jen Goode

Fun penguin fact: penguins are known to mate for life. Perfect partnership for all your little love notes, right?

Coloring Page Valentine

There's a couple ways to go about using your favorite coloring pages to make Valentine's Day cards.

  1. Print out the coloring page at a smaller size, color, cut out and then add little embellishments or colored cardstock to make a card.
  2. Using an already colored page, scan or take a photo and then print out in a smaller size.

I chose the second option. I printed out my coloring page using a free app call HP Snapshots, provided by HP. I printed on a 4×5 photo sticky paper. Doodled a little and and then stuck the image to a piece of cardstock. 5 minutes my penguin art went from a coloring page to cute little Valentine Card. Woo wee!

Use HP Snapshot app to print out your mini coloring page
Use HP Snapshot app to print out your mini coloring page


Shrink your coloring page and print
Shrink your coloring page and print


Add your own little doodles to your Valentine card
Add your own little doodles to your Valentine card


You can spend more time on your coloring page Valentine than I did. Add glitter and fun little embellishments. Stitch it up, make it a folding card, whatever you'd like. If you want to make a whole bunch of cards, just print out a pre-colored page and you're finished!

You can download my free penguin coloring page and make your own cute penguin card OR you can also use your own favorite coloring page. Totally up to you what you decide to make, and I can't wait to see what it is!


Quick Valentine's Craft Ideas
Quick Valentine's Craft Ideas

More Quick Valentine's Crafts

This week I’ve been sharing quick and easy Valentine's Day craft ideas along with Angie fromThe Country Chic Cottage and Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts. We are also featuring some great ideas designed by other bloggers. I hope you love them all! Check out the Quick Valentine’s craft I shared yesterday, it's fun nail art!

Here are today's blogger featured Quick Valentine's Day projects. make a card or make a craft… there's even a recipe for bath milk (you could make for yourself and relax after all this crafting). Pick one or try them all!

I hope you have fun making your own Coloring Page Valentines. I can't wait for you to stop back by and tell me about the creative ideas YOU make! You can stop by the 100 Directions Facebook page or tag me #jengoodeart to share your own fun creations.


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