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Color Wheel Printables for Kids

Let's play with color today! A great place to start talking about color with kids is with the color wheel. You can talk about how colors blend, color mixing and which colors combine to make which new colors.

This is a fantastic kids activity, fun for all ages and skills. Below you'll find Color Wheel Printables for Kids that you can color together, share and have all kinds of fun exploring color.

Color wheel printables for kids by Jen Goode
Color wheel printables for kids by Jen Goode

Color Wheel Printables for Kids

You can color the pages with markers or watercolor paints. I like to use watercolors because then you can really explore how colors blend. Apply a little color to each circle and then add different colors on top to see how the colors combine with each other.

I've also included a color blending printable page so you can practice mixing different colors.

Color blending printable by Jen Goode
Color blending printable by Jen Goode

Add one color to the first circle and the 3rd circle. Then add a second color to the second and on top of the color you painted in the 3rd circle. See how they blend?

This also works well with markers. First color with one marker and then add more colors on top of it. I have found that starting with the lighter colors first works best. If you use water-based markers like washable markers, you can also paint water on top of the colors to watch them blend even more.

Explore the color wheel with a free printable worksheet from Jen Goode
Explore the color wheel with a free printable worksheet from Jen Goode

If you really want to get fancy, you can explore the different types of color groups with your color wheel printable. Red, yellow and blue are primary colors. Orange, green and purple are secondary colors. The primary colors can not be created by mixing other colors, however, the secondary colors are all combinations of primary colors. Neat huh?

download this art by Jen Goode

Each of these downloads includes two pages. One page is labeled with colors to help get you started with a color conversation. The other page is a blank template so you can mix and match colors however you'd like.

Play with your colors. See what happens when you mix all kinds of colors together. Explore the combinations, try different shades and even different coloring materials.

I'd love to hear all about your color adventures!!

Printable color wheel work sheets for kids

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