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Back to School Printable Checklist

I'm usually behind with back-to-school shopping. We start school around here in early August, so by the time I realize our summer is over, there's usually only a week left of summer break. So this year, while I was helping with a fun back-to-school article for Kids Activities Blog, I decided I should jump on my own organizing. I created a fun back-to-school supplies coloring page and list so the kids could get involved in planning the shopping with me.

Back to School Printable List by Jen Goode
Back to School Printable List by Jen Goode

Back to school printable checklist

I like to force my children to participate in their own school shopping. If I have to muscle through the experience, then I think they need to join me. I'm not the one that needs that special whatever pencil in 6 specific colors to learn my math skills.

My boys really aren't that organized, they'd rather all the shopping magically happen without them. My daughter, however, is all over that planning adventure. She reads through the class lists, marks things down and helps me navigate through the stores. So if you have little ones that like to help, print out a couple lists, use the pre-filled version or grab the blank one and you can all have fun planning back-to-school shopping together!


Some tips for back-to-school shopping

  • Shop during less busy hours – I try to go during the middle of the week and make a plan before we ever hit the store.
  • Allow enough time – I also make sure I'm not in a rush
  • Off brand supplies are OK – One thing I learned a long time ago about back-to-school shopping… no teacher has ever sent home supplies that are a different brand than listed on the sheet. We have agonized for hours trying to find the exact named brand and size only to come up short some years. It's no big deal. I think it's better if the kids have a supply, then show up missing things they need. Go with what your budget can afford and make sure your kids are prepared with the supplies they need to learn.


Grab your copies of these free printable back-to-school shopping supply lists!


download this art by Jen Goode


PS No, I do not love wondering the stores this time of year either. The sales freak me out because I want to make sure I don't miss a deal and the crowds make me wish I could carve my own supplies out of some left over craft supplies.


Curious what my favorite supplies are? Check out the list here!

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