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50 ways to use Pinterest

Written by: | Published: February 25, 2012 | Updated: June 05, 2017

Pinterest is all about collection and organizing images for inspiration, ideas and eye candy. There are so many way you can use this tool. No matter what it is you like, images are the heart of many  ideas and  Pinterest lets you keep your ideas together in nice tidy groups. If there is an image, you can pin it.

Here are 50 ways you could use Pinterest. Think of each idea as a jumping point topic that you can collect ideas for. Assuming everything is for inspiration – what else are images for? I use Pinterest to share ideas from my blogs, art I’ve create and preschool project ideas. I also use Pinterest to collect inspiration for home decor, organizing and creativity that amazes me along with yummy food ideas, projects friends have made and more. It’s like a giant idea catalog that constantly grows and encourages new ideas.

Ways to use Pinterest - Jen Goode Screen capture
Ways to use Pinterest - Jen Goode Screen capture

Collections for inspiration of….

  1. Favorite recipes
  2. Birthday party favors, decor, themes
  3. Wedding dress clippings
  4. Baby themes, gifts, decor, etc.
  5. Christmas decor
  6. Organizing inspiration
  7. Favorite tools
  8. Shopping wish list
  9. Craft project ideas
  10. Gardening ideas, layouts
  11. Style guide
  12. Fashion, hair or beauty trends
  13. Vacation dream list
  14. Favorite books
  15. Memory albums
  16. Favorite places
  17. Catalog – animals, plants, places, planets, etc.
  18. Color schemes
  19. Gift ideas by recipient
  20. Sports moments, hall of fame, big plays
  21. Celebrity gossip
  22. Unusual images
  23. Word inspiration and quotes
  24. Site bookmarking
  25. Favorite movies
  26. Cats, dogs and other pets
  27. Cute things
  28. Article flagging
  29. Dream home building
  30. Remodeling ideas
  31. Virtual collections – even collections of collections – saving you money and space AND preventing tangible hording.. YAY!
  32. Cool cars, parts, services, shows
  33. Tutorial catalog
  34. Funny photos
  35. Great restaurants
  36. City guide or vacation itinerary
  37. Sports gear
  38. Train collecting
  39. Entertainment or Activity reviews
  40. Art gallery
  41. I Spy
  42. Hair styles and trends
  43. Beauty guide
  44. Vintage archive
  45. Home repair before and after comparisons
  46. Milestones and memories – assuming you want to share them publicly
  47. Brag board – things you’ve made and want to show off
  48. Awards and trophies – more bragging, but ou could have multiple boards
  49. To do list – pin things you want to do
  50. Diary of internet travels – if you surf the web all day, you could keep a virtual diary of your daily travels to share with the world.

Are you using Pinterest yet? I’d love to hear how you are using it!  Follow me on Pinterest and we’ll share ideas. If you need an invite, let me know.

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