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100 Ideas for 100th Day of School Projects

Written by: | Published: February 06, 2014 | Updated: February 27, 2024

Make a 100th day project for the 100th day of school. 100th day at school is a fun day for the students to think of a creative way to display “100 things” and share with their class. So I’ve gathered projects your kids can create: 100 ideas for the 100th day of school projects.

Usually these 100th day activities are specific to younger kids, mostly grades k-5 or 6. So, the older kids (middle school and high school) don’t celebrate the day, but the little kids sometimes enjoy a full day of celebration.

100 ideas for the 100th day of school
100 ideas for the 100th day of school

Of course, in my house, we procrastinated and had to come up with an idea for a decorated t-shirt in less than 24 hours. But, around here, spontaneous, last-minute ideas are plentiful.

100 DIY and Craft Ideas for 100th Day Projects for School

So We opted for 100 buttons glued to a t-shirt in the shape of a heart. Perfect for February too, don’t you think? But, there are a ton of other great ideas of things you can do or materials you can use if you need to make a 100th day of school project. So, today I’ve also compiled a list of materials to help get your creative gears moving.

100 buttons for a 100th day of school shirt
100 buttons for a 100th day of school shirt

I’ve also created a free printable that includes a cupcake with 100 sprinkles. You can use this printable in a project or as is… print it as a coloring page for the kids. Super cute, right? Check out the coloring page and download your free copy here.

Or how about 100 fun face stickers? You can download this cute printable cut file design and even cut out images with your Cricut machine. This happy face printable has 100 unique faces to choose from! How fun is that?

100 happy face stickers you can make with your Cricut designed by Jen Goode
100 happy face stickers you can make with your Cricut designed by Jen Goode

100 ideas for the 100th day of school – the big list:

Many of the items listed below can be used in the same way such as displaying or making art or a craft or filling a jar to count. You can also combine some of the ideas below to create another variation of a 100 day projects such as using a pencil and markers to draw different circles of different colors. The ideas below are listed to help you brainstorm your own project… I’d love to hear what you come up with!

  1. Barrettes – attach 100 barrettes to a ribbon or put them in your hair.
  2. Beads – make a necklace with 100 beads, glue on to paper, press into clay.
  3. Beans – put 100 beans in a jar or glue onto paper.
  4. Bobby pins – use bobby pins to trim along the edge of a paper like a frame, put in your hair or attach to your clothes.
  5. Bookmarks – make a stack of 100 bookmarks, put in a giant poster frame or tie together
  6. Bottle caps – make an art collage using 100 bottle caps and glue to paper or build a tower.
  7. Bread fasteners – save up 100 bread bag fasteners to attach to a cord or a twisted plastic bread bag or draw little faces and display on a board.
  8. Bubble wrap – cut a sheet filled with 100 mini, popping bubbles from a piece of bubble wrap.
  9. Buttons – sew 100 buttons to a bag or glue them to some clothes or paper. You can easily create fun designs using these buttons too.
  10. Candy sticks – glue 100 candy sticks onto paper to make a pretty sphere pattern.
  11. Cardboard – cardboard can be used so many ways. Cut 100 pieces to use to color, build, or make cubes or any number of fun crafty things.
  12. Cardboard tubes – cut into short tubes and make a cool modern art piece by gluing 100 tubes together side by side.
  13. Chalk – color on a chalkboard and make 100 shapes or write numbers to 100.
  14. Checkers – fill a board in a checkerboard pattern with 100 playing pieces.
  15. Cheerios (cereal of choice) – make a necklace or food art with 100 Cheerios or other similar cereal pieces.
  16. Chocolate Kisses – fill a jar or a bag with 100 chocolate kisses or other candy.
  17. Circles – make circle art, cut from fabric or paper or draw 100 circles.
  18. Clay – make 100 clay shapes or clay beads.
  19. Clothes pins – attach to a clothesline and hang 100 small pieces of art.
  20. Colors – create 100 different colors by mixing colors together using acrylic paint.
  21. Confetti – fill a tiny bag with 100 pieces of confetti or fill 100 bags with confetti… make your own confetti.
  22. Cotton balls – glue 100 cotton balls onto a piece of paper to make a big puffy character.
  23. Crayons – make crayon art with 100 different crayons. Tip: cut crayons into pieces instead of buying 100 full-sized crayons.
  24. Cutouts – cut out 100 shapes or designs to make stencils or use the cut out as the art.
  25. Dominos – build a domino pattern with 100 dominos and then watch it fall.
  26. Doodles – draw 100 different doodles or draw 100 of the same doodle or doodle for 100 seconds or minutes.
  27. Dry noodles – make a noodle necklace or glue 100 noodles to a sheet of cardstock to make an art piece.
  28. Duct tape – create something with 100 pieces of duct tape or make 100 duct tape things.
  29. Egg cartons – cut out the 100 individual egg spaces in an egg carton and create something fun.
  30. Envelopes – fill 100 envelopes with treasures or write notes or send letters or make a collage.
  31. Flower petals – create pretty flower art with 100 flower petals with glue and paper. Make your own flower petals with paper if you don’t have real flowers.
  32. Fruit loops – make a colorful bracelet or a rainbow collage with 100 fruit loops.
  33. Gems – make something sparkly with 100 gems.
  34. Gift bows – cover a big box with bows or make a wreath with 100 gift bows.
  35. Gift tags – make a collage with 100 tiny messages.
  36. Glitter – use glitter glue to make 100 glue dots on paper that sparkle.
  37. Grommets – attach 100 grommets to a long strip of fabric and use to hang 100 small treasures.
  38. Gum wrappers – glue 100 gum wrappers to a board and create a collage or art design.
  39. Gum balls – fill a jar with 100 gum balls or glue to a board to create colorful art.
  40. Hair bands – put 100 hair bands (hair ties) in your hair or around a tube or attach to a display board.
  41. Hearts – make a collage or decoupage something with 100 cut out or stamped or hand drawn hearts.
  42. Hole punch – make confetti or punch 100 holes into paper – you can even punch out the number 100 using 100 holes.
  43. Jelly Beans – use 100 jelly beans to fill a jar for counting or just eat them.
  44. Jewelry wire – make 100 wire shapes or attach together to make a necklace.
  45. Labels – write 100 words on labels and then stick the labels all over something (a binder or poster board).
  46. Leaves – glue to a board for a pretty nature art piece or use to make a leaf rubbing on a giant piece of paper
  47. Letters – write 1 letter 100 times or a combination of letters
  48. Lines – draw 100 lines with a pen, or make 100 different types of lines using different materials and writing tools
  49. M&Ms – fill a bag and then plan to share
  50. Marbles – fill a jar, but be careful, it will be heavy
  51. Markers – draw 100 colorful things
  52. Milk bottle caps – make a mat by gluing the lids together
  53. Nails – hammer into a piece of wood or a small branch
  54. Names – write 100 different names
  55. Numbers – draw 100 different numbers or make a collage of numbers
  56. Nuts and Bolts – fill a box with 100 nuts and bolts connected or apart or attach to peg board or just use nuts or just bolts
  57. Paint – paint a picture using 100 dots or mix 100 colors using paint or make 100 shapes
  58. Paper – make a 100 different things using paper, write 100 words on paper, make paper confetti
  59. Paper clips – attach paper clips together to make a long ribbon of clips
  60. Peanuts – make art or display or make into peanut people by drawing on the peanut shells
  61. Pencils – use in a bunch or use to make something such as a drawing
  62. Pennants – make 100 different pennants to create bunting
  63. Pennies – attach to a board or fill a little purse or bank
  64. Peppermint Candy – make yummy art
  65. Pinback buttons – attach to a jacket or bag
  66. Pinecones – fill a bag or make pinecone critters
  67. Plastic bags – fill each bag with something different
  68. Plastic bracelets – wear or tie together using yarn or string
  69. Playdough – make 100 little playdough snakes
  70. Playing cards – make a stack or cover a board to make art or build a house of cards
  71. Popsicle Sticks – build a house or a giant picture frame or make 100 stick puppets
  72. Popcorn – fill a bag or glue to display
  73. Ribbons – make bows or cut into small pieces to make a collage
  74. Rice grains – glue to paper and then color – or maybe you know how to draw on a rice grain?
  75. Rubberbands – make a rainbow loom bracelet using 100 rubber bands or crochet with rubber bands or wrap the bands around something else
  76. Safety Pins – attach to the bottom of your shirt to create a pin edge or to each other to make a strip of pins
  77. Sequins – decorate something with 100 sequins
  78. Skittles – like the M&M, do something yummy
  79. Smiley faces – draw faces yourself or get 100 smiley stickers
  80. Snowflakes – draw, cut, glue, stick, hang
  81. Sprinkles – pour in a bowl, make out of paper or draw
  82. Squares – use flat or make 3d to build something.. LEGOs are good for this too if you’d rather use rectangles
  83. Stamps – postage stamps or rubber stamps, make your own stamps or stick stamps to something
  84. Staples – make a long line of staples
  85. Star bursts – the candy, not the galactic stars – stack,  line up or build with them Or you can use the wrappers to make something cool
  86. Stars – stickers, doodles, cut outs, sparkly or not, decorate something with 100 stars
  87. Stencil art – cover something with stencil art or make 100 different stencils to create art
  88. Stickers – use 100 of the same sticker or find 100 different stickers
  89. Sticky notes – write little notes and cover a board with 100 sticky notes – use the mini size to save space
  90. Straws – line them up to make a neat texture on a board or attach together to make a long line, use bendy straws to create neat art
  91. String – use with glue to create string art or make 100 knots or 100 bows
  92. Sunflower Seeds – use peanut butter to adhere to a pinecone to make a bird feeder with 100 seeds
  93. Tape – tear into piece or cover something in inches
  94. Thumbtacks – make pin art using thumbtacks
  95. Tissue paper – make faux stained glass art using 100 pieces of tissue paper – cut into smaller pieces
  96. Toothpicks – make stick art with glue and a piece of paper
  97. Twist ties – make garland using 100 twist ties
  98. Washi tape – make a pretty pattern design using 100 pieces of different washi tape
  99. Words – write your 100 more favorite words
  100. Yarn – similar to string, create art, or tie into knots or crochet 100 lines

Don’t forget to grab the free 100th day printable I have for you… 

What fun projects have you created for the 100th day of school?

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