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Recycled fabric scrap wall decor craft

Written by: | Published: April 17, 2012 | Updated: August 10, 2015

I never want to throw away fabric because there’s always something nice about the pattern or the texture or the color. When the kids out grow something, but it’s not in great shape to pass on to another kid, I still can’t bring myself to throw the clothing out. So, instead, I use it for craft projects. Sometimes I just use whatever the art is on a shirt. Sometimes I completely tear the thing apart and make it into something new. (This is a great project if you’re looking for something crafty for Earth Day.)

recycled fabric wall decor by Jen Goode
recycled fabric wall decor by Jen Goode

Here’s a quick project you can make using any kind of fabric scraps. I used an old frame I found at the thrift store, painted and distressed a little. Then I took some clothing my daughter had grown out of AND had non-repairable tears, so I couldn’t give it away to another little girl. My plan was to cut out a 9 block section from this cute patchwork sundress and use that as the background of my wall decor. However, I got so excited about the project, I wasn’t paying attention and I cut out 6 blocks instead of 9. No problem, cover up the error in the sewing! (Can’t see the error can you?)

I started with some fabric scraps
I started with some fabric scraps

Originally I was going to use some of the purple fabric to make the heart for this project. I ended up using just another scrap from the dress instead. I’m planning a different project for those cute pants… stay tuned.

sewing recycled fabric scraps
sewing recycled fabric scraps
button for recycled fabric craft
button for recycled fabric craftsewing layers of fabric to make wall decor
sewing layers of fabric to make wall decor
sewing layers of fabric to make wall decor

For a project like this, you don’t have to be exact with your sewing or even your fabric cutting. Leave edges rough, stitch a little crooked. It all ads character and interest to your finished project.

I used another piece of coordinating fabric to create a simple block of color. Then I took another little piece of the sundress and cut a heart that I put in the very center with a couple buttons and some embroidery floss. Get creative with your scraps. You can make a whole bunch of different patterns or central images just creating a collage of fabric scraps.

fabric scrap heart and buttons
fabric scrap heart and buttons

Helpful tips:

  • If you layer buttons, you can create a little more interest in your projects instead of using just a single button.
  • To add dimension I stitched batting (that flat polyfill used for quilts), in between the different fabric layers.
  • Double stitch simple lines to create interesting textures and patterns on your project.

I used fabric that already had a pre-stitched patchwork design. However, you can create a similar look by making the patchwork background yourself. Just take small squares of fabric scraps and stitch together. Then continue with the rest of the art design.

finished fabric scrap wall art craft by Jen Goode
finished fabric scrap wall art craft by Jen Goode

What I really love about crafting with fabric scraps is how I can make something new and pretty out of something we’d normally just throw away. You can make these neat little wall collage pieces and give as gifts or add some new decor to your own wall. Make them any size you’d like, in any color and have fun mixing the different fabric types!

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Happy Creating!


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