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Organize craft paint on a cabinet door

Written by: | Published: June 13, 2016 | Updated: January 19, 2018

Organize your craft paint

I always try to use materials I have around the house, repurposing and re-using, before buying something new. But for this craft paint storage, I needed to buy the towel bars. These bars are the key to setting up this entire storage cabinet without a ton of extra measuring or building. You can get the entire supply list here.

Paint organizing cabinet door


Here’s how I made my own craft paint storage


  1. Remove cabinet door from cabinet.
  2. Measure and cut the wood dowels to the width of your cabinet door.
  3. Measure placement for the metal towel bars, these will hold the paint in place. Use the awl to create a starter hole for the drill and then screw the wood screws into place. If you plan on painting the door, don’t tighten the screws too much.
  4. Apply wood glue to one side of a dowel. Attach to cabinet just below the towel bar base plate (don’t quote me on that term, I’m guessing). Hold in place with a small piece of tape.
  5. Once glue has dried,  nail the dowel in place on either end.
  6. Remove towel bar and paint cabinet door. Let dry overnight.
  7. Replace cabinet door.
paint cabinet door for craft paint organization
DIY paint cabinet door for craft paint organization


Craft Storage
Craft Storage
Craft Storage
I think having your paint organized and easily accessible helps to use it better. If you can see what you have when you are deciding on a project, I think you’re more apt to choose the best supplies for the job. I wish I had prettier photos to share with you, but 1. my craft space is in my basement and 2. my craft space is a disaster, so we’re lucky this area is clean enough to not completely embarrass me. Hope the photos give you enough of an idea to get inspired to get creative and organized! Note: Craft paint courtesy of DecoArt – oh how I love all these colors!

Recommended supply list
If you don’t have all the supplies I’ve used, you can pick up the tools from this list below.

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45 thoughts on “Organize craft paint on a cabinet door”

  1. Love this idea and will definitely use it. I have one question though, and please forgive my linear thought process here, but, why aren’t there screws in the top hole of the “towel racks”?

    • Hi Katie, this is a GREAT observation… I had completely forgotten about leaving out the top screws. There is no reason to leave them out except that the paint isn’t that heavy, I didn’t have more screws and I was excited to put the thing together and get the paint up out of the box they were in. Probably not the most logical answer – can we say it’s a minimalist approach? ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for sharing your craft room before/ after pics & tips. I want to share my ribbon storage idea. I have a 6′ piece of 1/4 all thread I have put all the spools on the allthread & added washers & nuts to hold I have the ribbon in a corner standing vertically. I feel this vertical space is a freebie & i have added space to my craft room by not having the ribbon taking up valuable space.
    P.s. I have around 28 spools of ribbon

  3. Hi Jen,
    Just wondering about hanging those paints on the doors. I know how heavy a bunch of paints are and am wondering about throwing the door out of kilter when hanging a bunch of paints on a door.

    • Hi Monika, you’re right, the paints are heavy. If you’re going to store as many as I have, you do need to make sure it’s a sturdy door with strong hinges. These doors are solid wood with solid hinges. You could add an extra hinge if needed.


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