Downloading Printables and Coloring Pages on Android

You can download and print my printables and coloring pages from your smart phone. If you are using an Android smart phone, here is how to download and print with an Android smart phone.

Downloading Printables on Android

Pdf printables and Android

Most of my FREE printables and coloring pages are PDF files. Because of this, your deviced needs to be able to read or open a pdf file. Android devices, as of this writing, do not offer a default built in app. So, I have a couple you can check out that should work great for you.

How to Download and Print printables and coloring pages on Android

  1. Hit the download link and the download indicator appears in the top status bar.Downloading printables with Android
  2. When the download is complete a box appears at the bottom that prompts you to see if you want to open the file right now. This box goes away fairly quickly, so make sure you watch for it.Downloading printables with Android 
  3. Next, either click the open link ,OR drag down the top bar to display the details for the download icon there.Downloading printables with Android
  4. Click on that entry and the pdf loaded in the app.
  5. You can then choose to print wirelessly to your local printer.

If you have another favorite way to access printables from your Android based smart phone, I'd love to hear your tips and tricks! I hope this is helpful. Let me know if it works for you.

Now that you are set to go, here is a whole list of printables and coloring pages for you to try!


Special thanks to my buddy Joel over at Lab 6 Media for helping me with this tutorial today.

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