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DIY FunFetti Lactose Free Ice Cream

This is not as much as recipe as a brilliant idea I had and wanted to share. FunFetti Lactose Free Ice Cream? Of course! I love, LOVE ice cream. And we all know confetti (aka funfetti) “flavor” is the best! I think the flavor is really just cake and sprinkle sugar, but that's beside the point right now. I've recently noticed I feel healthier when I eat less lactose or avoid it all together but I didn't want to miss out on ice cream. I finally found Breyers brand has a yummy vanilla lactose free ice cream and it is DELICIOUS!

Lactose Free Funfetti Ice Cream
Lactose Free Funfetti Ice Cream

But who wants just plain old vanilla? Even the good, natural ingredient vanilla could use a little sprucing up or excitement added once in a while.  So let's experiment. Today we're starting simple and making funfetti ice cream in about 3 minutes or less.

FunFetti Lactose Free Ice Cream

I have no idea how I would make my own lactose free, real dairy, ice cream. I am positive you could mix the sprinkles into that yummy frozen banana “ice cream” if you'd like but it definitely will not be funfetti vanilla flavored at that point.


  • Lactose free ice cream
  • Rainbow sprinkles
Breyers lactose free ice cream and sprinkles
Breyers lactose free ice cream and sprinkles


  1. Grab the lactose free ice cream and scoop it into a big bowl.
  2. Dump a bunch of rainbow sprinkles into the ice cream.
  3. Stir until the sprinkles are mixed in.

Either put the ice cream back into the original container, or into a different freezer-safe container and return to the freezer. I only used about half of the ice cream in the container, so I used a place disposable storage container for my fancy funfetti ice cream.

Mix in the sprinkles
Mix in the sprinkles


Store in a freezer safe container and refreeze
Store in a freezer safe container and refreeze

That's it folks! Maybe it's not really enough to say this is a true recipe, but I do believe this is enough to get you out of that lactose free vanilla ice cream slump! While we're talking about it… I hear there is such a think a coconut milk cream. I need to find some of that and then we can talk about a genuine lactose free recipe!

Lactose Free Funfetti Ice Cream
Lactose Free Funfetti Ice Cream
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