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An early Happy Birthday to me

I just picked up the mail and HooRay! there was a package I ordered late last week.

It's art. It's a reproduction of an original dragonfly design by Nemo… and I LOVE IT! I've had my eye on this piece since I first saw it at an open studio event last year.

He even included a little note on the back:

It says “Dear Penguin, Dragonflies are better Love Nemo” (I asked him to say that).

But it's true. Although I love penguins and I've personally drawn hundreds… dragonflies are my ultimate favorite. Now they mean even more to me.

My birthday isn't until April, but this year is going to be an especially significant birthday for me. It's the first year that my “twin”, my grandfather, won't be around to celebrate with me. For 37 years he and I shared a birthday, and this year for my 38th birthday, he will have to participate in spirit alone. I'm not one to dwell on the sad things in life – I prefer to focus on the happiness…

For this reason this dragonfly is even more important to me.

Dragonflies symbolize renewal, rebirth, positive force, change and the power of life. They also are said to represent adaptability and transformation. I've always thought dragonflies to be graceful, beautiful and a little mysterious.

We all need to deal with change some pleasant and some not and I prefer to look at this change as a new stage in my life. I can't say it's something I can grow from nor learn from. It's just something to adapt to. As hard as it is to change a life long habit, I think we can take charge of our lives and do something positive with otherwise unhappy moments. It's just a matter of what we see and what we put out there for the universe to absorb.

I have no idea what I will put out in the universe from all this but I'm trying to find the positive. It would be a shame to be sad every year on my international holiday – cake and all… so I'm trying to turn around the emotion before it has a chance to tie me down.

So to start, I'm excited to share with you my fabulous Nemo Dragonfly!


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3 thoughts on “An early Happy Birthday to me”

  1. What a cool early bday gift! Owning a piece of art that “talks” to you is such a rush. I have 2 such original pieces so far and love them both. I consider original art my investing strategy. 🙂

    Your perspective on life and death is beautiful, Jen. I think Connie is the one who believes that for every bad thing that happens to us, a really good thing happens. I love that philosophy and have decided to embrace it as well. Looking forward to hearing what a great year you’re about to have. 🙂

    And go go go in all 100 directions. It’s both a blessing and a curse. 🙂


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