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15 Reasons I Love The Fruit Company

Written by: | Published: December 26, 2012 | Updated: August 10, 2015

I love gift baskets and goodies and treats all year long. A while back I received a tower of boxes filled with yummy goodies from The Fruit Company – that was a great mailbox day! The boxes didn’t just have fruit, oh no. There were chocolate covered cherries, a delicious nut mix in addition to fabulously sweet pears. This is not the food gift box we used to get each year from my grandparents… this is super delicious stuff right here!

I was going to share this Fruit Company gift idea before all the holidays began. However, I really wanted to share the idea that this makes a great gift all year long. These treats are much yummier than flowers, prettier than a gift card and can easily be shared with friends or family.

Instead of simply taunting you with yummy photos or descriptions of this food I ate and didn’t share with you, I thought I’d come up with a list of things I love about this company and their products. I started out writing a list of 10 but then kept going, so lucky you, tere’s 15 reasons to discover… here goes…

The Fruit Company Pears
The Fruit Company Pears


15 Things I love about The Fruit Company

1. The packaging is perfect. I’m a “gift wrap matters” kinda girl and the packaging for The Fruit Company leaves little to improve. I would be proud to hand this over as it without needing to re-wrap. Although I would add my own gift tag.

Fresh Fruit Company packaging
The Fruit Company packaging

2. I love the fruit art. I love that the pattern on the gift boxes looks like a fine art painting. It looks like a pretty watercolor of red pears and greenery. It’s so pretty!

3. Each box is a different flavor. Each little box is like a whole new gift. In the gift tower I received, one box had pears, one had a package of candy coated cherries and the 3rd box was mixed nuts. I really like that it’s like getting 3 little gift boxes. For the food allergy folks, this is also handy.. no nuts touching the pears, perfect!

Cherries, nuts and pears - Pearfully Yours Gift Tower
Cherries, nuts and pears – Pearfully Yours Gift Tower

4. Candy coated fruit is de-lish-ious! This package came with chocolate covered cherries, but I’ve also tried their chocolate covered strawberries… scrumptious!

5. There’s enough to share… if you want to. Each package of flavorful goodness comes with enough to share with at least a friend or two. Now, you could horde it all to yourself. Or, you could share and maybe next time they’ll buy the box for you.

Pears from the Fresh Fruit Company
Pears from The Fruit Company

6. The fruit is beautiful. These pears are just opened, no staging nor washing nor prepping for the photo… just a brand new fresh opened box and voila… beautiful fruit. I don’t do still life painting much these days, but this box of pears is a bit inspirational for some new food art.

7. Little pears are so cute and perfectly ready to eat., This package contained Seckel Pears, I’m not familiar with the different varieties but these pears were delightful. They weren’t really big, just the right size for a fresh snack and perfectly ripened. I didn’t have to sit them on the counter and wait days to enjoy, they were ready right out of the box.

A pear from the Fresh Fruit Company
A pear from The Fruit Company

8. Great selection and easy to use website for purchasing. The Fruit Company is so well organized it’s more difficult to find a reason not to buy. You can shop by category, occasion, holiday and price. There are gift ideas for every reason in a variety prices and packages. There’s also a corporate gift idea section with loads of options for your business gifting which also includes a custom message card option with your logo. (Don’t forget to think Thank You too.)

9. My kids love this fruit gift too. My kids had fun opening the gift tower.. it’s a gift, of course they loved it! They really like trying new things so this was an extra special treat for them, they loved it.

10. Although I love the pears, there’s more more fruit options than just pears. Pears, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Cheese, Pears, Chocolate, Pears… yum, yum, yum! Seriously, you can try all kinds of freshly grown and delivered fruit from all over.

11. The company is awesome, the people are fantastic. This is a family owned business (3rd generation)

12. The Fruit Company scholarships. There are 2 scholarships available with the idea that motivation and a drive for success should be recognized and rewarded.

13. The Fruit Encyclopedia. The Fruit Company website includes a “fruit encyclopedia” which includes information about different kinds of fruit, a search option to discover the fruit you want in the products they offer AND a selection of yummy recipes.

14. Monthly Fruit Club. I hear the word club and think of pep rallies in high school, but this is no high school club. This is yummy and delivered every month. There’s a selection to choose from to fit your favorite flavors and price range. This might be the best pairing for those wine clubs some of you have joined!

15. Fruit at my door. The obvious is my most favorite aspect of The Fruit Company. The fruit comes right to my door and it’s even better than the fruit I can buy at the store (clever little rhyme, did ya notice?).

Bonus – You don’t have to be creative. I know I’m the creative girl that makes her own greeting cards and gifts. This is one of those gifts I don’t have to do anything with yet it’s thoughtful and gorgeous… you’ll look like a gift giving super star with this one, seriously! It’s Martha Stewart photo ready and tastes as good as it looks. Even though I knew this package was coming and knew what it was when it arrived, I was so excited like it was an unexpected package. Maybe I’m corny, but fruit is a magical gift… this is no run of the mill apple from Krogers!

Even if you think gift giving season is over, it’s never too late nor too early to send a box of yummy fruit! Here are some ideas to send someone some The Fruit Company goodies:

  • Congratulations – promotion, health goals and even retirement.
  • Happy Birthday – nothing says birthday (besides cake) like sweat treats and these are good for you.
  • Mother’s Day – Mom loves food she doesn’t have to prepare to enjoy!
  • Thank you – who wants a simple thank you card when they can have chocolate covered fruit!?
  • Thinking of you – does anyone do that anymore.. send a gift or notes just because? We should! I’ll gladly accept a fruit basket because you thought of me.

With so many great gift options available with only a few clicks to any website, I know it’s difficult to decide which way to go or if merchant is better than another. Sure, there are competitors and other gourmet food companies out there. There’s plenty of options and delicious choices. However, I’ve been sampling The Fruit Company products for years and they are by far one of my favorites. The people, the products and the professionalism are all top noche…. and the chocolate covered cherries are damn good! I imagine a cheese cake bite and a sip of Moscato would go quite nicely!

Disclaimer: I was sent this fruit gift to try for the purpose of this review and all opinion are 100% my own. However, had I been sent this fruit tower as a gift just because, I’d still be sharing this info with you… it’s that’s good!

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