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Soup can Jack-o-Lanterns

Here's a quick and easy Halloween decor idea, Jack-o-Lanterns made from recycled soup cans. I was going to make mine into a wind chime, but haven't yet added the strings and things. So for now, this is a set of three Jack-o-Lanterns that are sitting and smiling like they can hardly wait for Halloween. You can make these cute with very few supplies, here's how…

Soup can Jack-o-Lanterns
Soup can Jack-o-Lanterns

Materials you need:

  • Recycled soup cans
  • Craft paint in orange and black
  • Medium and small paint brushes

How to make soup can Jack-o-Lanterns:

  1. Using a medium paint brush, paint the outside of your can orange, let dry. To help make painting the outside of the cans easy, put your hand inside of the can instead of holding the outside, paint from top to bottom so when you finish painting the piece, the top should be dry enough for you to hold and remove from your other hand.
  2. Using the small paint brush and black paint, create the Jack-o-Lantern faces on each can, let dry.
  3. Using the small brush and the orange paint, very lightly paint the edges of the black face shapes to create a little dimension in your pumpkin faces.

Let it all dry and then spray on a layer of clear sealer if you'd like and that's it. Consider following the same steps to make soup can ghosts too… happy spooking!



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