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Paper Flower Crown Easy Kids Camp Craft Plus Free Printable

Today's project is inspired by the younger me.  Wayyyy back in the day when I spent time away at summer camp. I went to overnight girl scout camp and loved it! My favorite part about camp was the crafts – big surprise there huh? So, when I was invited to participate in this month's Craft Lightning featuring Kids Camp Crafts, of course I wanted to join in! There are a million fun camp crafts you can make right at home. Anything simple, fun and using materials you might have around the house definitely qualifies. So I wanted to come up with a project you could do even if you don't have access to all the materials. That's how I came up with the paper leaf crown.

Make a Paper Flower Crown
Make a Paper Flower Crown
Make a Paper Flower Crown
Make a Paper Flower Crown and Matching Bracelet


I'm sure you have twigs and leaves and string around the yard. But what if it's a rainy day or a snowy day or you live in the middle of the dessert with not a tree to be found? I have a solution for that problem… drum roll… a printable paper leaf crown. Hoooray!

So instead of hunting around outside, just print out this leaf crown project sheet and have a blast making new fashion accessory.


What you need:

  • Garden Crown printable project sheet
  • Crayons, paint, markers or whatever you'd like to color with
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Printable Flower Crown Project Sheet by Jen Goode
Printable Flower Crown Project Sheet by Jen Goode

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How to make a paper flower crown

  1. Print out the Garden Crown printable
  2. Color it the picture however you like.
  3. Cut out the leaves and flowers and leaf strips (they are the long rectangles with strings of leaves).
  4. Glue one end of one leaf strip to the end of another leaf strip and make a headband/crown circle with it.
  5. If your child's head is bigger than the two strips, add the third. Fit to the head size and glue the ends together. Add the extra leaves and flowers and any other embellishments however you'd like.


Color the flower crown pieces
Color the flower crown pieces
Add a second layer of color for extra detail
Add a second layer of color for extra detail

If you really want to have fun, add this paper crown to real twigs or long blades of grass and make a nature meets doodle masterpiece!

I gave my daughter this printable to try and she decided to cut out every tiny little leaf. Feel free to simply cut the strips of paper, decorate the background of the leaves and call it fabulous. Or, if your child loves cutting, and handles the scissors well, maybe the 30 minutes it would take to cut out all these leaves would be well worth it!

I was awake hours before the kids so I could finish this project and take some pictures.  Then I realized, I need the kids to take a picture so you can see really how cute this crown is on a real head. Oops. So, this old bear and our dirty little sock monkey had to model for me. The monkey crown is made of just one of the flower strips and could also be created as a bracelet.

Flower crown fit for a bear and a monkey
Flower crown fit for a bear and a monkey


For more fun kid's camp project inspiration, hop on over to Angie's The Country Chic Cottage or Carolina's 30 Minute Crafts.

Now, as part of this Craft Lightning Series, this project is only supposed to take 15 minutes or less. It's completely possible to make this in 15 minutes, especially with help from a grown up to cut pieces out. If you'd like, it can be a 5 minute project -Don't color it, just cut out the pieces, staple the ends of the strips together and call it done. Making a flower crown can also take over an hour, if your child is really creative and loves to color and you have to time to spend. Get out the glitter and the paint and the scissors and make a day of making lovely little paper leaf crowns!

Jen is Passionate about Creativity. She is the owner and "doodle in charge" of JGoode Designs, a Denver based design studio. She is an illustrator, mixed media artist and creative lifestyle blogger. Jen has been a creative professional since 1998 but says she's been an artist since she was old enough to eat glue.

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