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Mini Wedding Treat Bag Free Printable

Written by: | Published: March 13, 2014 | Updated: October 20, 2017

This month I am sharing a pretty little printable with The Country Chic Cottage that you can use with your wedding decor. Give your guests a special sweet treat and add your own personal touch while you’re at it. The kit features this year’s color of the year: Radiant Orchid, accented by a warm cream and a soft blueberry, perfect for adding a little extra color to your reception tables. You can also use this kit for a spring celebration (like my birthday, wink).

Mini wedding treat bag printable by Jen Goode
Mini wedding treat bag printable by Jen Goode

In case you are curious… why YES! Yes, I did my nails myself.. it is a light blue with a white polish pen and a top coat of blue sparkles. Back to wedding decorating and yummy mini treats…


Shortbread cookies tied up with pretty paper and twine
Shortbread cookies tied up with pretty paper and twine

As you drool over the above cookie, I have a secret. I really wanted to try to be all hip and trendy and show my printable wedding cookie wrapper around a beautiful little stack of macarons. I’m not a fan of the french macarons, I don’t think they are yummy at all. BUT, I love how they look. So I searched high and low – aka 3 local stores, and came up empty handed. So Pepperidge Farms to the rescue with yummy shortbread, which I am a fan of. But just in case you aren’t hip and trendy either, I snapped a photo of this month’s Martha Stewart Living magazine which just so happens to be covered in the brightly colored cookies. See and feel trendy. Eat them and they go right to your hips!

Sweet photo of French Macarons
Sweet photo of French Macarons

I am determined to learn how to make these cookies. I’m positive the one’s I’ve tasted just weren’t the best example. They look so pretty, they’ve got to taste great too… I’m going to make that happen… or gain 5 pounds tasting the effort!

More photos of my fabulous wedding mini treat bag. This time full of Easter M&Ms – really you can custom order M&Ms in whatever colors you want…or within a wide selection. So I’m sure you can order the Easter lavender without the little bunnies stamped on them.

Fill the bag with tiny treats - these are M&Ms
Fill the bag with tiny treats – these are M&Ms

Doesn’t the cookie stack look so delicious from this angle? Actually I think they look more low fat. It’s much healthier to view your food from a bird’s eye view. I’m sure there’s proof of that somewhere. Google it.

Wrap a stack of cookies with this printable
Wrap a stack of cookies with this printable

This printable kit comes with a mini treat bag and an assortment of extra accessories you can use to embellish your mini bags however you like.

mini treat bag printable by Jen Goode
mini treat bag printable by Jen Goode

I was trying to decide what to put in this mini treat bag and a friend of mine put a pretty serious threat on my head if I even considered adding Jordan Almonds (oh yeah, I said it, you know who you are… Carla). So I had to get creative. I headed to the grocery store candy aisle, because that’s how creative I am – and then I realized… butter mints! How many times have you been to an event, there have been butter mints, and someone has grabbed a handful and stashed them in their pocket? That wasn’t me, we haven’t met in person… but I may or may not have witnessed that activity a few times. So I thought – wouldn’t it be great if everyone had their own pocket full of butter mints. Bingo! That’s what I bought – butter mints, you forget so quickly! Now, I have almost a whole bag left from these photos that I get to eat myself.

So now that you anxious to get your hands on this wedding printable, scroll a tiny bit further and download the page for free. You can use it for all kinds of treat giving, even change it up completely. Make a card or an invite or maybe you want to decorate your walls (I don’t recommend decorating walls with this particular art). Have fun with it and get your creative DIY spirit motivated and gluing. I’d love to see what you come up with! For more ideas using this printable, check out my Sweet Treats mini bag printable article on The Country Chic Cottage

mini wedding treat bag printable by Jen Goode
mini wedding treat bag printable by Jen Goode

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