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WordPress, Thesis and custom navigation

I've been using WordPress for a while, but only about a year with Thesis and I have to say, I love it even more today! I'm really trying to move away from hard coding tweeks and hacks into my wordpress installs. Updates are happening far too often for me to be spending time constantly updating code. With Thesis, widgets and plugins I'm able to do most anything I want without having to dig into the back end code of my site.

I know some people might think Thesis is clunky or akward and far too difficult to deal with – hooks and whatnot. But really, Thesis has come a long way just in the last 3 months or so with some major improvements in customizing options. My favorite, by far today, is the navigation. Without any knowledge of coding or even CSS, you can easily customize the navigation as well as move it around or remove it all together. There are two key admin areas in Thesis to allow customization of your navigation menu:

1. Thesis Options – Navigation menu (right side)

This lets you select what you'd like included in your navigation from pages or posts to custom links. There are a number of ways to organize your nav menu, and this admin area lets you make changes with mere clicks. With the newer versions of Thesis you can also create pretty drop down menus – again only making changes to this admin area.

2. Design Options (for Thesis) – Nav Menu (left side)

This lets you change the colors of your nav menu. Easily change link, current and hover options.

Now if you add in a little CSS you can do some more cool things in the style sheet, but it's not necessary.

Finally, to add to my navigational menu happiness for the day, I just discovered a cool little plug-in called “Sub Pages Widget” by Alper Haytabay. It allows for a side widget to show child pages on parent pages without having to show the entire list of child pages. This widget also lets you choose whether you want to include the parent page or not. Again, add in a couple tweaks via CSS and you can have yourself a handy dandy little side menu that accompanies your pages… only when you need it.

If you don't have it already, get yourself a copy of OpenHook for Thesis and you'll save yourself the headache of coding in hooks… it's one of the best darn plugins eva!

Every day I love Thesis just a little bit more!


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