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Veggies in My Mac ‘n Cheese?

I'm a big believer in Macaroni and Cheese. It makes me happy. It's comfort food I've loved since I was a kid and I've been a pretty loyal fan of Kraft macaroni and cheese specifically. I've tried other brands and most don't cut it. The only good competition is when I make my own home made versions. That said, my husband makes the Kraft variety much better than I do.. somehow he does this magic cooking thing and the noodles turn out perfectly every time!

Kraft veggie pasta mac n cheese
Kraft veggie pasta mac n cheese

Now I just came across this “veggie pasta” macaroni and cheese from Kraft. Apparently its cauliflower pasta… I never heard of such a thing! From time to time, I'll add in extra to our mac n cheese by adding peas or tuna. Sometimes I'll include an occasional hot dog when the kids are eating. But this “made with veggies inside” kind of concept is a bit intriguing to me. So I bought it to try for myself.

cooking Kraft veggie mac n cheese
cooking Kraft veggie mac n cheese

The noodles look the same as far as I can see, but now that I'm looking for it, it does smell a little like cooked cauliflower…. Interesting.

Cooked Kraft veggie pasta
Cooked Kraft veggie pasta

The packaging is claiming a “1/2 serving of vegetables per cup”. I don't think I've ever considered cauliflwer as a qualifying vegetable. I know it is, I'm just sayin'. Anyway… I had to try this.

Finished Macaroni and Cheese with Veggie pasta from Kraft
Finished Macaroni and Cheese with Veggie pasta from Kraft

When it was all finished, I gave some to the kids without telling them it was any different. My oldest said it tasted a bit sweet, I agree, but a lot of brands of mac n cheese are sweet. I need to compare to the regular Kraft.. we usually get the cheesy cheesy version.

So end of my exciting noodle story… we liked it. I learned something new – cauliflower can be made into noodles. And the kids tried something new without hardly noticing. Sounds like a good day to me. Now if only Kraft could keep that great flavor while cutting the sodium down to a 1/3.. THAT would be a great creation!


What do you think of this combination?

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3 thoughts on “Veggies in My Mac ‘n Cheese?”

  1. We bought some of this kind too……came in a two-pack…one reg. & one vegie.
    We tried, and did buy more! lol Wasn’t bad…and our lil 5 yr old Grandgirlie liked it too.


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