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Using nRelate to share more great ideas on your blog

I'm often asked what I'm using for the neat little photos at the bottom of all my posts.  I like to share extra ideas at the bottom of my posts because I think when you're looking for creative inspiration, it's nice to have a few choices, and photos are so much better than just text links. So,  I like to recommend other idea articles to read using the nRelate related content plugin on my websites. I don't remember when I first started using it, it's been so long!

nRelate display options


nRelate offers a ton of customizing options. Choose the look of your recommended content, how many thumbnails to show, where to show it, how to sort it and much more. I really love the Polariod layout, it's fun and fits my personality and sites best. Geek alert! The nRelate plugin also offers an option to use your own CSS so you can style it in your own unique way.

Make money with nRelate advertising

If you're looking for unique ways to monetize your content, nRelate even offers an advertising option. Sign up with their partner program and you can earn money as ads are rotated into your thumbnail display. I don't currently use this feature, however, I think it's a great way to incorporate advertising into the look of your site.

7 things I love about nRelate:

nrelate content plugin1. Content is never forgotten. Articles that are hiding in my archives are still valid today when they relate to new content.

2. Relevant content option. You can choose how related the content needs to be to be displayed. If you have a newer site, “least relevant” will allow you to display content even if it's not a perfect fit. While sites with a ton of content can focus the recommendations of related content more by choosing “most relevant”.

3. The variety of styles. There's sure to be a look that fits well with just about any site and if not, you can create your own CSS.

4. Quick display. The plugin doesn't lag on my site.

5. Easy install. Just search for “nrelate” in your WordPress plugins area and click install.

6. Option to earn money. Sign up for the partner program and earn money by displaying advertising through your nRelate plugin.

7. More great plugins. nRelate also offers both a “Popular Content” and a content “flyout” plugin for more great recommended content on your site.

If you're looking for a great way to increase content options for your site visitors, you can't go wrong with nRelate. Check out the install information for WordPress users or the install information for Blogger users.

This post is sponsored by nRelate. All opinions are 100% my own.

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