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Trends for a Creative 2014

Do you ever stop long enough to notice trends? I don't usually. I'm typically floating around in my own world, watching the glitter float by. But lately, I've stopped to notice and I'm finding some fun things come our way. Here's my view of trends I see heading our way.

I think paper and fabric combined will be seen more frequently and I think along with the revival of needle arts (knitting, crochet, etc.) we'll see sewing come back more and more. I think recycling old clothes into new is not a fad that is going to go away. As people become more resourceful and more money aware, we'll see easier ways to reuse those old jeans and make recycled goods pretty again.

DIY and Recycling is not going away!

Sparkle. More bling. As if there wasn't enough glitter and bling… I feel like the revival of the 20's and vintage glamor is calling for even more sparkle. I don't know where or how we will see it, but I think more crystals, more gold and more shimmer.

Sparkly Scissors from Swarovski at CHA 2014
Sparkly Scissors from Swarovski at CHA 2014

Color. The 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid, a pretty faded fuscia kind of color. If you aren't a fan of pink, be prepared to tone it down with cool grays and warm browns along with a whole array of blues and greens. I predict the peacock will be seen more often… hope you like that pretty feathers and vibrant colors.

Shapes. Many companies are focusing on either cutting shapes or finding different ways to use our current pens and markers. I think with that, we'll continue to see paper crafts and mixed media grow and drawing, hand lettering and illustration embellish our handmade creations.

Paint and coverage. A number of companies have also come out with products that allow for a more diverse selection of coverage. Both Decoart and Plaid have a multi-surface paint that will adhere well to a variety of surfaces. Clearsnap also has a multi-surface ink, again, covering surfaces made from an assortment of materials. No more will you have to have a closet full of different kinds of paints and inks and colors to make your mixed media projects stand out. Now, you just need one set of colors combined with a working knowledge of techniques and tools. Oh I can hardly wait to see the creations to come.

You'll also see more chalk paint. It's not over yet… there's more to come. The no fuss, opaque coverage of chalk paint allows for DIY projects to happen faster with more solid color. You'll see more of it in the months to come, I'm sure. Me, I don't know… I tend to like fuss and I love layers of color. But I'll give it a try.

Tools. There were airbrush tools, new cutting machines, more cutting techniques and new cutting partnerships. There's so much cutting going on, it's amazing we have any surfaces left to paint. Think shapes… tis' the season for custom shapes – you cut it, color it and voila, masterpiece!

Patterns. Chevron is on it's way out along with it's friend the honeycomb. But dots are again coming back and bold shape is trying to sneak in. I would prefer if sketchy lines would stay forever, but I imagine they need a rest once in a while. Solid color vs busy patterns, I think we'll see more gradients and color fades in the patterns, making busy bolds more subtle.

You wish I had shared photos of all these ideas don't you? We'll… I'll come back as I gather images, but for now, I really want to hear what you see and see if you notice the same things. Share your pictures on my 100 Directions Facebook page and we can explore the trends together!


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