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Thor and Burger King shouldn’t be playing so nice together

So I just saw a commercial for Burger King in conjunction with the new Thor Movie that makes me wonder where the marketing focus group went. Burger King has always had (or at least for the last 6 years or so) really off commercials, but this one came across as a bit normal, until you stop to pay attention. They are promoting their kids meals with the included Marvel's Thor movie themed toys.

Thor movie

Last I checked, Thor is a movie rated PG-13. I double checked with my kids and even my 8 year old thinks he is getting a bit too old for “kids meals”. Sure he likes the toys, but he's rather have a bigger burger. I think the “mighty kids” meal is even pushing it as far as quantity… but are they marketing the different sized meals differently, which would make more sense? So I'm confused. Are they (Burger Kind and Marvel/Paramount) promoting that older kids order kids meals, or younger kids go see the movie? I do understand, lots of comic happy parents and older siblings will love these toys. Yes! Grab them, collect them… promoters should sell the toys as action figures at Walmart – but marketing as a theme for a young child's intended product, I think, is inappropriate and another example of how our own preferences for money generating opportunities are skewing what is really right or wrong.

Sure it looks like a great movie. I get it, they're promoting… but to the right audience, really? I haven't seen it yet, it's on my list to go watch. However, from the previews I'm pretty sure it's not appropriate for kids meal aged viewers… regardless of the good vs evil, big hero guy saves the day storyline. I have no intention of taking my 3 nor 8 year old without seeing it myself first.

Yeah, I know… I'm the prude, over-protective one here. But if I'm not, who will be? Who's looking out for my kids if I'm not? Just because prime time television or even cable kids shows are more adult than they have ever been, doesn't mean I have to be ok with nor allow my kids to participate. Sometimes I wonder if the number crunching marketing geeks actually have kids or even families and if so, what choices do they make with the products and services they purchase? Are they really sparkly clean do-gooders all shiney and tidy, just trying to make a buck and feed their families like the rest of us? Or do they really believe in the messages they push on the rest of us and they're 6 year olds are heading to the theaters this weekend to grab their own best seat to watch Thor too? I really hope not. What happened to letting and even encouraging our kids the joy of innocent childhood? What's wrong with coloring outside the lines with a washable marker and then eating PB&J… why do our kids have to be forced into grown up mentalities so soon? They're so young still… let them enjoy it.

Now remember, I haven't seen this movie. I'm not against comic books. I'm curious what the mindset for others is here. I'm also one of those parents that thinks kids in elementary school are too young for T rated let alone “mature” rated video games… yet my kids have had friends who play and own Halo. You don't have to agree with me… I'm just tired of marketing America forgetting we have kids we are trying to teach to be good and kind and happy while allowing them to grow and flourish on their own. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

What do you think? Have you seen the movie, if so, what's the youngest age you think would enjoy it?

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