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The happiness in my yard

Sometimes someone will ask what I do in my free time and I usually laugh and reply “what free time?”. Working from home, I always work. However, working for myself for the past 15 years, work isn't the same kind of work… I love what I do. Yet some days I actually do stop the normal work to enjoy something else.

Memorial weekend I banned myself from the computer and kicked my butt outside. I love being in the garden and watching the plants grow. The last few years I've avoided any kind of yard work. We had rattles snakes and bull snakes and really big spiders… that's not the kind of gardening I want to partake in. But this year I figure someone has to take charge, and I'll be darned if its the critters again. I still have a lot of work to do, but here are a few of the things I accomplished – with the help of the hubby and occasionally the kids…

Took down the chicken wire veggie garden and built a nice raised garden box – while leaving the blooming strawberry plant unharmed. I dug out the space and hubby did all the tough labor building. I still have to put in the new soil and plant a few things.

garden box

I planted a few trees. Aspens, 8 of them (this only shows a patch of 3). They sound fabulous, grow really well and are dirt cheap in these here parts.The tallest here is about 8 feet. We planted 6 a few years ago, about the same size and the tallest is now about 25 feet or so and we have a few bonus trees that grew off the first bunch.

small aspen trees in the garden

Then I cleaned up a few garden areas, planted some new plants, mostly perennials because I would rather watch them grow and water them than I like spending money buying new flowers.

new plants in the garden

More are to clean up, and I planted some new marigolds to see if the rabbits will find food elsewhere. If you look realllly carefully, you'll see 2 baby bunnies in the upper right grassy areas of the photo below.

cleaning up the garden

And I started switching out the mulch. I used to think the red cedar mulch was awesome, but it it's now fading and wearing out. Adding most bright red just reminds me of something Cyndi Lauper would do if you gave her a pile of wood shavings. So now I'm going for the more elegant mocha look, maybe it's more to do with my craving for chocolate than it does my consider for the look of my flower beds. Either way, I like the new look…

new mulch in the garden

This weekend I'll hopefully be at it again, so in a few weeks I can spend my weekends sitting in a patio chair sipping wine and watching the kids play. A girl can dream can't she?

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6 thoughts on “The happiness in my yard”

  1. Jen, love your blog and love your yard! It’s so pretty! I just bought a house in the fall and loving the gardening and yard work. It’s surprising how living in an apartment with no yard for a couple of years after having one most of your life makes you miss it. It’s work though, and like you, I really have to try to find the balance to fit in working in the yard when I really want to work. Life is hectic! Hope you and the family are well!

  2. “Memorial weekend I banned myself from the computer and kicked my butt outside.”

    Good for you! Sometimes is hard to detach from the e-box. I failed to plant my tomatoes, but I went for a bike ride!


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