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Talk all you want, is it impacting anyone?

Today I found out I'm listed on AMNavigator's Most Influential Affiliate Summit West 2011 Speakers – Top 40. Wow, that's pretty cool, I don't usually consider myself as “influential” (thanks Geno).Those included were picked by analyzing the list of ASW11 speakers against each individual's Klout Score. I had no idea what this was, so I thought I'd investigate. Really, if something is going to report me as a cool chick, I should probably see why so I remember to wear that hat again another day.

Influence and reach
Influence and reach by Jen Goode

Whats YOUR  Amplification Probability? As I started reading more on the topic this statement spoke loudly to me…

The ability to create content that compels others to respond and high-velocity content that spreads into networks beyond your own is a key component of influence.

I can be quite the talker – ask my kids, the lectures go on and on. I reason and rationalize and over thing things constantly just so my own brain will grasp and move forward. But thinking of the above statement… how much of what I say out loud, for others to hear, is really making it's way to someone else?

It might appear that there is only the one strategy – is what you are saying influencing others? But really, this is a two part issue. You could be providing thought provoking ideas all over the place. People could absolutely be loving what you have to say and even look forward to hearing your next big idea. However, are you sparking enough excitement or inviting others to get involved in the “thinking out loud” process enough that they too will respond or pass on what you just said? That's the key. It's one thing to spark an idea in someone else… it's an even greater accomplishment to inspire someone else to carry the idea and throw it out towards even more people.

If you want to influence others, and actually see your influence at work, you have to create an action based communication. If they hear you, they should react somehow so others see it.

For me, I don't know exactly what that means, but a few ideas are rolling around in this ol' noggin of mine…

  • Include a real call to action: Ask for feedback, invite your listeners to share or pass it on.
  • Create a challenge: rather than ask your readers to give to you, ask them to give to themselves, grow in their own progress of the topic… then share their findings.
  • Show and tell and ask: share what you are doing, then ask how others think it can be improved or what variations they have tried or envision.
  • Speak outside your circle: don't just talk to those you know are listening, talk to those you know are listening to your listeners. This is tricky, but if you share ideas in a sense that can be spread beyond the initial listener, the word will spread.

If you tell your story to a closed circuit audience, your message isn't leaving the room. If you speak to a group in the park and ask them to participate in the show, the audience will grow.

I am speaking at Affiliate Summit on January 9th from 11-12pm as part of a panel called Affiliate Improv – “Five industry veterans brainstorm marketing… Idea to actionable solutions!”  Other members of the panel are:

– yep, I'm out numbered, but this girl can surely hold her own! If you show up to give us a shout, there will be treats – penguin promise!

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1 thought on “Talk all you want, is it impacting anyone?”

  1. You’re most welcome, Jen, but there’s really nothing to thank me for. Thank you for sharing focused, highly-engaging (as Klout puts it, and I would concur for sure!) content.

    BTW, love that illustration of “influence and reach”!


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