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Reality of my own laziness

Yeah, just like the rest of them, I have my lazy days. But the reality isn't that I'm lazy… it's that I intentionally choose not to do things because not only do I not want to, but I am willing to admit they aren't strengths of mine. Why waste time struggling at something when I can spend time making progress at something else? Even more important why spend so much time doing something I don't enjoy when I can spend that time at something I probably love?

We make our own paths and we choose our own directions.. we're never stuck in one place – ever. Sometimes it just feels like it. So it's up to us to get off our hineys and change it. Or not.

There are so many different directions I want to excel or succeed but I have to admit where I'm willing to put in my effort and then choose directions accordingly, right? Some areas I am really good at, but I don't enjoy them. Is it lazy of me to avoid them? I don't think so. I think it's more difficult to admit to ourselves when onlookers might think otherwise.

I have friends tell me all the time, “oh you can do…..” – and sure, they are probably right. I can, indeed, do quite a bit when I feel like it. But Over the years I've learned that just because I can, doesn't mean I should. Now I'm not saying I'm great at these things either, I'm probably not or I wouldn't mind doing them so much. I'm just saying when push comes to shove, I can get stuff done, whether I like it or not.

But again I ask.. why?

We have to stop and weigh our time vs money and then our strengths vs weaknesses. What are you willing to forego in exchange for a smaller gain or what are you willing to learn in exchange for more control? It's all a balance.

So while some might see the big picture in a direction I could succeed and think (or even say), “Jen, you just need to do it this way…”. I'm sure they are right. However, they aren't necessarily right for me. It's not lazy, it's reality, and my coming to understand where I fit in that reality I live.

We should all be lazy for a minute and gaze out at our own realities once in a while.

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Jen is Passionate about Creativity. She is the owner and "doodle in charge" of JGoode Designs, a Denver based design studio. She is an illustrator, mixed media artist and creative lifestyle blogger. Jen has been a creative professional since 1998 but says she's been an artist since she was old enough to eat glue.

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1 thought on “Reality of my own laziness”

  1. Jen, I so loved reading this. I don’t if it is lazyiness, but what would be better efforts in another direction as you said. This was great; I am looking for another avenue of work and to me this is encouragement.
    Thank You!


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