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Is it worth watching?

Last week I had finally had it and cleaned off the piles of magnets from the fridge. Every time we go somewhere we get a magnet souvenir and add them to the family shrine in the kitchen. More recently I've started seeing every corner of the house as cluttered and as scattered as my attention, the mess is becoming more chaotic. So, the magnets fell victim to my need to organize.

Life of Goode TV

So in a giant Ziploc bag they went. The idea is to find a dedicated place – add some neat magnet board and display the travel memories there.

As a result of all this, my oldest son decided we would use the empty space to display a weekly quote. Cool idea, I'm game – so up went the first inspiring message…

One day life is going to flash before ours eyes,

make sure that it is worth watching.

I couldn't agree more, and one of my first thoughts was wow, I should stop wearing the same jeans 4 days in a row!

As life flashes by due to the busy schedules of a growing family, I've noticed tempers get shorter and happy cheering becomes less frequent. That has to change and it has to start with me. I'm the grump in the family. I'm the Czar of all things household therefore I am the dictator which isn't always a happy role.

My goal right now is to work on this. I've been slowly removing tasks I do that I don't need to do. I've finally made a job chart for each family member with the idea of teaching them to be responsible for their own jobs, rather than relying on mom to get grumpy that the jobs aren't done. I've also started talking more about what I want for the family and making a point to stick behind what I want.

I'm definitely not on a roll right now. My temper is still short, my thoughts are still scattered.. but I'm hoping by realizing what I want, where my expectations are and where I plan to be, I can better see what needs to be improved.

What are you thoughts, is your life worth watching or the type of viewing entertainment you'd want it to be?

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2 thoughts on “Is it worth watching?”

  1. Right now, I think I’ve been in a long period of “test pattern” and “static” – but it’s time to start programming the new season, as it were! 🙂


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