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I exercise, I walk up and down the stairs at least once a day

Really I do exercise. I run after 3 kids all day. Yeah, I know, I sit on my behind most every day, all day, working infront of this darn machine because I like it. I love my computer. My butt, however, looks like it loves my chair and the more I sit here and the older I get the more I am noticing health issues. I'm sure they're all related to my sitting all day.

So earlier this year when a group of friends from the affiliate marketing industry started a challange to run on the Nike+ site, I was excited to get involved. What a great opportunity to get in shape and have the backup of a whole group of pals also running. I bought a used treadmill and got myself a Nike sensor and arm band. I convince my husband he should get involved too… so we made a plan to walk. We didn't walk all that regularly, but the seed was planted. I was so excited I even tried to run – that's when I remembered I used to smoke. Very painful.

I really did want to walk every day. I want to get in shape and I really do want to feel good about myself, not just fake it. Funny thing is, I'm really great at rationalizing, so my participation didn't follow in the footsteps of my intentions… until last week.

Last Monday we decided we would walk every morning and we've been walking since. We average 2 miles a day and have logged just over 24 miles so far. I don't feel any fabulous changes. I don't expect to see anything any time soon either. I don't know that I even plan on growing old gracefully, but the least I can do is try to grown old healthy.

I am proud of myself to not rationalizing my way out of exercising yet again.

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1 thought on “I exercise, I walk up and down the stairs at least once a day”

  1. Great job Jen. I set a goal to log 15-20 miles a week running and walking. Not sure if I will be able to hit that or not but I am gonna give it a try. My big goal is to lose 20 lbs by ASE. Hopefully I can do it.


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