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Got a bandaid? Mother nature smacked me today

I don't park in my garage because I drive a beastly vehicle and I don't like the idea of the kids swinging the doors open and possibly dinging the paint on whatever is next to the car. So I park in front of the garage.

We have an 8 foot tall basketball hoop out on the driveway which is not attached to anything because the HOA doesn't want everyone hanging hoops on their houses. So instead we all have enormous basketball hoops on poles sitting in front of our houses… the idea is that we can put them away i the garage – we never do. So I end up parking right nextto the thing. No We don't have a pink flamingo in the yard too.. that's also against HOA guidelines.

Unfortunate for my pretty copper paint job, today Mother Nature and her cow hurling wind decided my car and the basketball hoop needed to make out for a while.

This is the result…

And this…

This is the hoop… now inside of the garage. Why we have it, I don't know, my kids don't want to play.

I still don't want to park in there, but I guess it doesn't matter as much now does it…

Now I want a new car.. any suggestions?

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9 thoughts on “Got a bandaid? Mother nature smacked me today”

  1. Oh no! Your poor “beastly vehicle” 🙁 You could always get a Hummer like T2’s newest play-toy…then all you have to worry about is running something over with it!

  2. I think that Dave was the one who wanted to play basketball, or were you referring to him as one of the kids too…..

  3. Ouch. But as noted, it could have been a lot worse! But that first scratch hurts. Good news is now you can drive it around NYC should you decide to come out this way 🙂

    (all cars in NYC have dings and scratches)

  4. On the bright side, it could have been a tree. We had a friend that just got a brand new Jaguar before one of our Florida tropical storms decided to drop a tree on it. Not even a week old. 🙁

  5. Hi Jen,
    Saw your post regarding damage to your vehicle. What a bummer! Just an FYI for you: I own a body shop! Unfortunately Mother Nature does not discriminate, and can be extremely unforgiving when it comes to hail, wind, or even runaway basketball hoops. Let me know if I can assist you with the repairs. I would look forward to the opportunity.
    Hope all is well for you otherwise. : )
    Jeff Kaup – (303) 781-3787


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