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Focusing on my Wow

This morning I read a blog post by Seth Godin, Driveby culture and the endless search for wow. I have a hard time getting up in the morning after staying up until 1am let alone imagine my potential WOW factor by anyone on a regular basis.  It's hard enough to just keep up with who might be listening to what I have to say. Today this article spoke to me on so many levels.

The concept is that we are in information overload – and crappy information at that. I've been struggling with this idea for a while now. How I want to share information, why I am sharing information and where that information needs to be share, not to mention in what form. I started this blog as a way to be able to share whatever, whenever and so far it's working for me. I've also started a number of new websites in the last month as a way to expand my own platform for turning my interests into profit. Through it all I've been asking myself, “is it too much?”.

After reading Seth's blog today I've come to one single definitive answer for myself. No.

Why? Because everything I am doing these days is in the direction of niche. I'm no longer trying to accomodate everyone in every possible angle that I can think of. I can't keep up with that kind of mentality without hiring a staff or never spending time with my kids. Neither option being on my list of ideal choices. I tend to look at everything from a 3D perspective – inside, outside, upside, downside… right, left, front, back, etc. I end up frustrating myself with the possible options and combination of options.

It's too much – I can never keep up. This always results in giving up. I'm not a quitter, but I am realistic (usually) about where my strengths are and what I can really accomplish.

So instead, I am focusing on individual topics. I blog when something interesting hits me for whatever topic. I focus on the idea that each topic might be small, with a small following but there are some huge positives with this kind of model:

  1. Niche topics have loyal followers also focused on the niche. Loyal followers of a topic are more likely to be interested than a casual interest follower, thus more likely to want to know what you are talking about, what you are selling, etc. so the potential for conversion rate is generally higher.
  2. Multiple small traffic sites can often time be more reliable than one big traffic site. As traffic flows, seasons, economics fluctuate, the niche topics (if selected correctly) will balance each other out. Also, when one site has a problem, it doesn't hurt as badly because there are other sites continuing to work for you.
  3. Diversifying can lessen the load for any kind of blow. I sell my own products as well as am an affiliate for other's products. So while my sale may be slow, I might have an affiliate site that is booming. Additionally, if I work with various merchants, if one merchant closes up shop or quits working with me, I have others to fall back on and my entire business is not ruined with one decision.

There are so many places to get information and so many people offering that information, it's a wonder any of us are consuming more than our morning coffee these days. So instead of trying to take over the universe, we should be focusing on making new friends, real connections, and offering something of value in their direction.

So I'm going to try to remember: my focus is to share what I know with others that want to know what I have to share.

What's your WOW focus?

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