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21 Jump Street the movie

My 16 year old asked me if I wanted to watch 21 Jump Street, the movie. I had to laugh… Roll my eyes and laugh again. I used to watch the show and couldn't help but think back to my younger geeky days (as opposed to my current, just as geeky days). But time spent with your kids, especially at their request, is pretty special. So I laughed again and sat down to watch what I expected would be a bad, cheesey movie.

21 Jump Street the movie
21 Jump Street the movie

The funny thing about expectations… We really don't know, for sure, what we're going to get. To my surprise, I really liked this movie! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make a great team. Their characters are quite an unlikely pair but they end up becoming partners and BFFs. They're funny, witty and a lot of fun to watch. 21 Jump Street is a great stay at home movie night choice. Have you seen it? What did you think?


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1 thought on “21 Jump Street the movie”

  1. I saw it the 4th of July with my son at our friend Dee’s house … the language was vile … but it was hilariously funny!!! I too watched the original series on 😉 which I loved back then – that is probably where I learned to LOVE Johnny Depp. I enjoyed this movie a lot!


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