Perspectives on HB 1193 the Colorado internet ad tax – a resource of information

Colorado internet sales tax - penguins against the ad tax As all the media coverage piles up over the recent decision by Amazon to terminate all Colorado affiliates, I thought I’d start collecting the news stories and various public comments in one location. All sides of the story seem to be represented in this list. It’s interesting to see the various perspectives and to note what people in the industry say vs the legislators or media writers that are merely speculating. – Note: these are not necessarily in order… I’m posting as I find them.

Articles/posts I’ve written or interviewed for:

Posts/articles written by others

  • Colorado Advertising Tax is Dead
    Performance Marketing Alliance
  • Colorado Advertising Tax passes out of Senate Committee
    Performance Marketing Alliance
  • Colorado Affiliates please send letters to your merchants
    Colorado Online Marketing Association
  • Amazon drops Colorado Affiliates
    Colorado Online Marketing Association

If there is one I’ve missed or that you’ve written and would like included, please let me know.

Penguin note: yes, please feel free to post the No Ad Tax penguin on your own site or blog, however please do not alter it.

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