Mustache Mania – Creative Ideas for Mustache DIY Projects

The mustache craze hit us with piles of creative ideas from posters and cards to fabric, wall art, baby t-shirts and oodles of other funky groovy gear. So now I have a new twist to share. I’ve designed a mustache stamp wheel from Clearsnap so you can get your mustache creativity going all over the place. AND, I’ve asked a talented group of designers to create whatever they’d like to make, showcasing this fun craft tool.

Mustache stamp wheel by Jen Goode
Mustache stamp wheel by Jen Goode

Check back every day, November 4-7 to find new creative ideas and fun DIY projects featuring mustaches. I’ll be sharing all kinds of fun all week long. Plus, I’m giving away a goodie box which includes the mustache stamp wheel – YAY for YOU! You’ll also find some cool printable project kits (free too!). So get your creative groove on, grow a Mo if you dare and #createdaily with us all this week!

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Get Your Mustache On - Creative DIY ideas with Jen Goode
Get Your Mustache On – Creative DIY ideas with Jen Goode


Did You know, November is also Movember, in honor of Mens Health? So just when you thought we were getting our facial hair creativity going for fun, there’s a hidden message about being proactive and taking care of yourself (if you’re a guy… girls, we just talked about you for BCA last month).

Mustache creativity by awesome designers: (coming soon)

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  1. marylouh says

    Mustache stamps can be used for a lot of things – wings of an angel, fronds of a tree, a way to show that Santa is around. Haven’t lived with anybody with a mustache so I don’t know much other about them – my husband never had one.

  2. Cindy Gillis says

    Mustache art is happy. My daughter loves mustaches and puts them on everything–it never fails to bring a smile or giggle from her!

  3. amanda kay tea says

    mustaches are just fun, funky and fabulous! i l even made my youngest niece a mustache cake for her 13th birthday lol