I’m going to miss Affiliate Summit West and all the inspiration

I’ve been sitting here for the last week in denial. Since 2006 I’ve attended Affiliate Summit this time of year. Usually I’d be packing today or tomorrow and preparing to host the Newcomer Meetup. Thousands of internet professionals will be landing in Las Vegas this weekend to attend the show. Anything and everything relating to Affiliate Marketing aka Performance Marketing, will be the focus until Wednesday. I, however, will be sitting here, hopefully accomplishing great things with my art.

This year I’m attending the Craft and Hobby Association conference in Anaheim at the end of the month. I’m exhibiting with the goal of making connections, contacts and hopefully deals licensing my art to manufacturers. Last year I tried to attend both shows and nearly lost my mind. The stress and pressure I created for myself was unbelievably ridiculous, so this year I opted to miss Vegas in trade for sitting here, sulking with my Wacom Tablet and my creativity.

Really I’m not sulking… I’m just pouting a bit. I am going to miss seeing everyone at ASW12. I always come home with a million ideas and enough newly inspired motivation to launch a rocket. I know it will be a fantastic show!

Shareasale t-shirt from Affiliate Summit
Shareasale t-shirt from Affiliate Summit

I know, sounds a bit too techy for a creative girl, right? Definitely not! Well, I take that back, affiliate marketing is techy. It is internet nerdiness at it’s best. However, there is definitely a creative side… finding unique ways to promote, link and increase sales is the first thing that comes to mind and why I love it. The industry is full of brilliant minds that are constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to grow their business, and best of all many of them do this amazing job in their pjs. How much more creative appeal does one need? I can’t be all paint and glitter, my brain needs that geeky side to balance out where the inspiration comes from. Not to mention, hanging out with real people does a world of good for the mental stability.

Things I’m going to miss attending Affiliate Summit West:

  • Meeting new people from the Newcomer Program – Good luck to my buddy Daniel with QAQN who is hosting the event this year.
  • Seeing some of the smartest people I know.
  • Lunch – I always seem to have the best conversations and business idea sharing at the lunch table.
  • The Shareasale Under the Stars party – Sunday nights are always the best time catching up with long distance friends.
  • Midnight Bowling with GTO Management – super fun bowling night with proceeds going to fight breast cancer
  • Discovering new merchants to connect with and reconnecting with companies I already know.
  • Milkshakes with friends at 3am while brainstorming brilliant ideas.
  • End of show buffet night with old and new friends. So happy Trisha is continuing the tradition!
  • Schwag hunting. Yes, there’s always something fun or interesting, especially in Vegas. My kids love when I come home from this trip!

There’s a ton more to do, conversations to be had and business deals to make. If you are interested in the industry, or looking to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend connecting with the blogs of both Missy Ward and Shawn Collins, the founders of Affiliate Summit, and just start reading. I’ve alsowritten up a couple articles about affiliate marketing for creative professionals.

If you are attending Affiliate Summit West this week, give hugs to eachother from me, and offer to have lunch with someone new, will ya?

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  1. Todd Farmer says

    Here I am enjoying my morning coffee on the opening day of affiliate summit – And although I am excited about the conference there is a bit of me that is very sad to know that I will not be able to see you today!

    Good luck with the art licensing!

  2. Jed Duffield says

    It was great chatting with you in New York. We’ll have to catch up again in the Big Apple. Good luck in Anaheim!

  3. says

    Two posts by people named Garcia, now two posts by people named Daniel. For an art-related site, this is surprisingly ordered 😀

    We’ll miss you, too. You’ve been part of my Summit experience since my very first one and it’ll be weird not having you there! We’ll hold down the fort though, and hopefully you’ll be able to come back to it eventually :)

    And there’s always New York!

  4. Daniel Feinberg says

    There is a bit of sadness that crept in when I found out that you would not be in attendance. Although I am filled with excitement for my trip out west to ASW, I always considered you to be my conference person. I guess I will have to go on alone and talk to new people by myself, and laugh with others. I will always remember you Jen. Always.

  5. says

    We’re so going to miss you!! Though, I’m secretly jealous…the idea of attending a tradeshow filled with nothing but art and crafty stuff is mighty tempting! (You’ve totally become my crafting enabler you know: “…but Jen’s doing it” :) )

  6. says

    We’ll miss seeing you there, too, Jen. But I’ll put your name up on a lane if we have extra room at Midnight Bowling. 😉 Best of luck at the show in Anaheim! You’re awesome!